Rick Beato interview with Mike


I had only seen the beginning when I posted this yesterday, but I eventually watched the whole thing, and it is really good. Lot of wide ranging topics about the band, songwriting, the music industry, recording process and production, etc.


I’ll be watching this weekend sometime. Got this, the full CBS interview, and the Garofalo/Stipe chat to watch. It’s been a lovely R.E.M.ish few days…


I agree. I listened to it from the YouTube app while walking this afternoon. I look forward to watching it again as I always catch something I missed the first time when I listen again. But, yes, I’m so thankful for this wave of new R.E.M. news and interviews sprouting up around the Songwriters Hall of Fame and surprise performance. The joy is alive!


Great interview from an obvious fan–I’d love to have had Buck on there as well, but there’s no way he would’ve given Beato straight answers (lol).

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Finally got round to watching this. What an absolutely brilliant interview. So refreshing to see some different questions to the usual, and get an insight into things that we don’t often get to see. Even the inevitable reunion question was phrased in a way that didn’t annoy me!

I loved Mills’ response to people who say they should’ve broken up after Bill left. And I loved his pride in the symphony stuff that he’s doing now.

Kudos to Rick Beato. He’s clearly a fan and knew his stuff, but he also knows music, musicianship, and the industry. Made for an excellent interview.


Yeah, Beato really tends to do his homework, and definitely makes it a point to steer away from the traditional line of questioning.

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I got a good chuckle of them sitting in a multi million dollar studio, and Rick is playing songs off his phone.

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For sure, that’s probably something I would do!

That said, I LOVE Beato going for “Try Not to Breathe” as his all time favorite R.E.M. track (as opposed to, say, “Man on the Moon” or something)

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