Richard Thompson

Just got home from seeing Richard Thompson. Had front row center seats. No photography allowed (I tried to sneak a pic but it was crappy). So here’s the stage from my amazing seats.

If you have a chance to see him on this tour, it’s worth it.

And, yes, he did Wall of Death.


I saw Richard Thompson do a solo acoustic show at some point during the early 2000s. During the show, a couple of younger people tapped me on the shoulder, and asked, “Is there someone else playing another guitar off to the side of the stage or something? It sounds like there are two guitars.”
I replied, “Nope, that all him by himself.”

I recently found an original vinyl pressing of Shoot Out the Lights. So amazing.

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I saw him around the same time. I won tickets from The Onion’s AV Club in Madison. I wasn’t going to go but a friend insisted that I absolutely must go. Glad I did.

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I’ve seen him more times than I can count. First with Fairport Convention (ancient history). Took my husband to see him sometime in the late 80’s who became a massive fan of solo RT, just as I was losing my enthusiasm. It’s his voice. I can’t anymore.The few exceptions are Wall Of Death, Meet on the Ledge (with Fairport), Tear Stained Letter, Shoot Out The Lights. His voice gets on my tits. My daughter Nina, the only member of our family who can sing like a bird also can’t stand his voice. Some great songs he’s written are best covered by other artists IMO.
Read About Love (which is quite funny). And one that is notable as a duet with his son, Teddy Thompson called Persuasion.Grit my teeth through the first verse (RT solo vox) after which Teddy joins in. With the voice of an angel. He’s the son of Richard and Linda Thompson who had an acrimonious marriage and divorce. Hear all about it in the songs w/ bitter & twisted lyrics. There are loads. Teddy’s a musician in his own right now. He’s got Linda’s voice. But Richard has to be one of the best living guitarists, he’s a phenomenal player and writer.

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