REM's Top 10 on Spotify

Kind of interesting list of their most popular songs:

Losing My Religion - 871,326,575
Everybody Hurts - 306,037,824
Shiny Happy People - 208,894,763
Its The End Of the World As We Know It - 165,946,163
Man On The Moon - 123,462,348
The One I Love - 84,582,085
Nightswimming - 59,938,451
Drive - 56,757,633
Imitation Of Life - 41,797,476
Orange Crush - 38,105,462

Surprises me to see Imitation of Life on there, yet nothing off Monster, nor Stand.


Also interesting to see that Losing My Religion has more listens than any U2 song (With Or Without You = 741 million), but U2’s top 2-10 have a lot more listens than REM’s corresponding songs.


That means LMR has bagged them approx $3.5mil from Spotify alone which most know is notoriously poor paying for artists. On average, the band makes approx $50k per month from spotify.

Not sure if anyone was interested in that but its certainly not going to be difficult retirement.