Just came across this thread on reddit. Basically all albums post UP are to be reissued on vinyl this summer. The links have been taken down from Amazon now, but they seem to have been mentioned many places.

Is this legit? And what would that mean for future 25year reissues? Will UP be the last one to get that treatment? Anyone knows anything?


All I know is that R.E.M. recently posted on their socials that work on the 25th anniversary edition of Up is underway. No other details were provided.

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Yes, upcoming vinyl reissues from Concord. I assume that these are color vinyl since it’s the trend, but who knows. I’ll buy all except Collapse into now.

This is good to hear. I was wondering why Up was never reissued on vinyl.

Any word on a release date?
Perhaps it’ll be October 26, 2023, the precise 25 year anniversary?

I have no idea of the release date.

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Take a break, Driver Nate
Driver Nate, take a break

The release is still a ways away, but it’s still a ways away…


The proprietors of Bar Electrolite seem to be indicating Oct 27/28 as a release date. They are often up to speed when it comes to inside info. Bar Electrolite on Instagram: "Looking forward to celebrate UP25 on October 27 & 28! ❤️ @rem @40wattband"


Just ordered my copy of Collapse Into Now. :notes:

Just added Around The Sun vinyl to my Reveal pre-order.

Waiting for Up to be announced now…