Reconciling William Hurt

Here’s conflicted: William Hurt was in some of my favorite movies (Until the End of the World, Dark City, Broadcast News, AI) and in one of my favorite episodes of my favorite shows (Mythic Quest), but was a legitimate monster of a human, and never apologized for it.

Marlee Matlin is an amazing human, and deserved better. She’ll deserve better than the abuse-washing the obituaries will contain this week.

Sucks he died, couldn’t have happened to a better person though?


I was just thinking of this, and I couldn’t have put it any better. Why can’t great artists all be decent human beings?


I haven’t been reading the obits, but in the headlines and blurbs I’ve seen, no mention of his abuse. Granted, it may have been mentioned. My guess in passing.


I love William Hurt’s work. One of my favorite actors.

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