Random pictures from post breakup

Since the breakup in 2011 I still see the bands. I don’t grab my camera as much as I used to, but here’s some shots.

Michael and I during Peter’s music festival, at a hotel we weren’t staying at, watching whales.

Mike and Julie

Michael in his art studio installation at NYU

Michael in the Portland Rose garden, day after Peter’s wedding

Michael and a very pregnant Amy

Peter stopped by my office a few years ago

Peter in LA


Great pics thanks for sharing those! Michael and I have the same hair line that’s why I started shaving my head too!

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It’s Peter in New York, April 2013, with Robyn Hitchcock and Sean Nelson. Scott McCaughey, Kurt Bloch, Linda Pitmon, and the late, great Bill Rieflin all performed that night. Still makes me smile when I recall that I watched Peter Buck sing his own songs in a small club, opening for Robyn, on a night that also saw guest spots from Mike Mills and Lenny Kaye. I’m glad I managed to record the gig and snap a few pics (although Chris Sikich took better ones) as it was a little bit of rock & roll heaven on earth. Only downside is you can hear me singing "ba-ba-ba baaa-baa-baaaaa"s too clearly in my video of “Near Wild Heaven.” :slight_smile: Amazing night.


I really loved Bill Rieflin💔


Aww, Sean Nelson :heart:

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After many years, I wonder how many times Michael and Peter just looked at each other and went, “Wow. We did this.”*

*this is not demeaning to Mike and Bill. This is just going by the fact that those were the first two to start making music(that would become R.E.M.s) together.

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