Radiohead Thread

Will they record another studio album? It’s now been 6 years since A Moon Shaped Pool, and it seems like they’re starting to empty out their archives with their re-releases (though there have been some songs held back).

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According to Ed, via his Instagram, they do plan to record as Radiohead again. But that’s as much info as I think we’ll get. They’re fairly coy, them lads.


Thom and Johnny G are currently recording and planning a tour I believe with their new band The Smile. Ed had his own project going on as well (can’t remember the name). Think Radiohead is very much on ice for the foreseeable future tbh.

Yes, it’s correct that they are going on tour with The Smile. I am going to see them in concert this summer. :slightly_smiling_face:


I saw the Smile at their London shows - really impressive


Their latter day albums (In Rainbows, A Moon Shaped Pool) have some of my favorite Radiohead songs. It’s a shame they record/release so infrequently now.


*Radiothread. Missed opportunity.

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True Puns Wait.

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I might be Thom
I might be Thom
Coulda swore I was Thom all along
I used to squeal
I used to squeal
For no reason when I used to call
I used to squeal*…

You called down the thunder, when you said what you said about puns…

*work in progress

I think a key to Radiohead’s longevity is the fact that they take long breaks between albums to all pursue their individual musical passions. Bands often break up because the members musical tastes change over time, leading to creative differences. What Radiohead do is brilliant. Between albums, Thom has a chance to explore his passion for electronic music, Jonny has a chance to explore his passion for classical music, and Ed gets to explore his passion for the more traditional kind of rock music that the band have not made for some time. I think the fact that they all have an outlet to make music the way that they personally want makes it easier for them to compromise their tastes when they come back to make music for Radiohead. A lot of people talk about them calling it quits, especially because it’s been so long since their last album came out, but I feel pretty confident that they will continue to make music for a while but I anticipate that there will continue to be long gaps between albums.


I’m surprised they have never done an R.E.M. cover. Just a hunch, but I think it’s because Thom puts so much esteem towards R.E.M., that he’s worried about messing it up. Maybe? I think it was an interview with Colbert, where Thom said that “South Central Rain (I’m sorry)” was his favorite song. In contrast, Michael said “Pyramid Song” was his favorite Radiohead song.

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Huh? Radiohead has covered The One Love.

Radiohead covered So. Central Rain on the OK Computer tour, but there’s no video of it unfortunately. And as someone said, Thom has sampled The One I Love at the beginning of some live performances of Everything In Its Right Place. But also, Radiohead very very rarely do any covers, so it’s not surprising to me that they’ve barely covered REM.

The closest I’ve heard was on the I might be wrong live CD…when Thom repeats “here comes the flood” from E-bow.

Favorite per album.

Pablo Honey:
Blow out

The Bends:
Street Spirit or Just

OK Computer:
Let down

How am I driving?:
Polyethylene parts 1 and 2

Kid A:
Everything in its Right Place

Pakt like sardines in a crush tin box

Hail to the Thief:
Wolf at the door

In rainbows:
Bangers+Mash (don’t question why. It shoulda been on the album)

King of limbs:
Lotus flower

A moon shaped pool:
Ful stop


In case you haven’t heard it, The Smile’s first album has been released and is on Spotify. Could very easily pass for a Radiohead album.

Thom and Johnny have their own solo group (good stuff, I’d give it a listen), so its gonna be a bit until we see a solid radiohead LP again.
also does anyone have the video of radiohead covering so. central rain?

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Radiohead covered Be Mine way back in 1998 when they played Tibetan Freedom concert in Washington, D.C.

The only Radiohead anything with South Central Rain was Thom quoting to Stephen Colbert, it’s his favorite R.E.M. song (and that may have even beeen only, at the time)

Thom sang with Peter and Mike doing Be Mine. As far as a whole band of Radiohead covering any R.E.M. song…I’m about 99% sure they haven’t. That actually really surprises me with Thom and Michael being such friends, but in a way it doesn’t. Thom seems to be a perfectionist (as other members of Radiohead seem to be too) I bet they wonder if they’d do a cover justice.

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