R.E.M. UK Store is down

I had recently ordered the Chronic Town Cassette and Player Bundle. Got it this week, all nice and shiny.

Wanted to check if I could pick up the tape only, but seems the store is down.


R.E.M. HQ has been informed that the warehouse team who manage our UK store fulfillment has gone into administration. Unfortunately, this has led to the temporary closure of our UK storefront. We are working diligently to ensure that all existing UK orders will be fulfilled with as little delay in shipping as possible. For any concerns or questions on existing orders please contact info@craftrecordings.com with your name, email and order number.

In the meantime, our U.S store remains open and ships worldwide, offering all of our available new releases and catalog titles. We sincerely appreciate your patience and support.

The perfect occasion to open a warehouse in mainland Europe! :sweat_smile:

Can’t agree more!

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