R.E.M. Spectator Article October 1987

This is another article written by Godfrey Cheshire for The Spectator. This one is from the October 1st - October 7th 1987 issue. The Spectator was a weekly publication based out of Raleigh, NC that focused on local entertainment, events, and culture. If you re-share this article please credit him and The Spectator. Thanks.


This is very cool- I actually read both articles you posted. I have seen some these pictures in a number of other places, were they originally from this story?

Would have loved to see Document tour, I discovered them the next year in '88, and was just 13.

I kind of miss the days when you didn’t know too much about your favorite artist, and had to hunt down stories like this.

Thanks for posting.

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I believe they were all taken by Godfrey Cheshire (the author of both articles) so that is where they likely appeared for the first time. I have a few issues of The Spectator but not these. I only picked it up during trips to Raleigh back then, it was not available in my area. Props to Godfrey for making these available.

I think I’m just putting it together that the show the journalist loved so much, the one he called the “most seamless and subtly magic of the tour”, is the Utrecht show included on the Document reissue? I had a bad bootleg of that for years and was very happy w/ the sound upgrade on the official release. LOVE that show.