R.E.M.'s Fave Charities

Over the years R.E.M. have encouraged their fans to contribute to various charities, the names of which I’ve forgotten over time.

What were these charities?


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They have been immensely supportive of Nuci’s Space in Athens, a comprehensive organization dedicated to reducing musician suicide.

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I believe I’ve heard that they have supported the Athens Women’s Shelter? Can anyone confirm or deny this? David Barbe and others have told me how they have done many good works in Athens without making public their donations or other support.

I think I started supporting MercyCorp because of something I read from either REM or Michael.

I found out about Mercy Corps because of Michael. The money he raised for his cover of Joseph Arthur’s In The Sun I think went to Mercy Corps for Hurricane Katrina. I saw a couple of photos back then of Michael observing the damage in New Orleans.


For the two singles we raised money for Extinction Rebellion and Pathway to Paris.

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