R.E.M. remixes on YouTube

Maybe this is old news to many (maybe the person responsible is on here?), but thought I’d mention it in case anyone is interested.
I have enjoyed exploring Bald Android’s YouTube channel for its variety of R.E.M remixes- most are not attempts to ‘improve’ the original recording persay, but are often to find new sounds or instruments, emphasise backing vocals etc.
Has given me a new appreciation of some songs, and hear bits i never heard before.
Probably not for the casual listener (but are there any casual R.E.M listeners on here?!)


I follow Bald Android’s YouTube page, love the remixes. My Fave is Losing My Religion (Vocals and Bass)

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That’s a good one. I’m a sucker for all things Up, and like the ones that find new noises, or bring back ground instruments or vocals to the fore. Like this-


I’m intrigued as to how they’re doing this? Seems remarkably clear to just be extracted from the album mix?

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A good question- for someone with more audio tech knowledge than me. I have read comments below one or two of their videos where someone has asked how they did it, but the reply didn’t make much sense to a luddite like me.
Too many videos on the channel to search through and find the comments again unfortunately.

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I’m also not technologically-minded enough to answer properly, but I think it’s something to do with the blu-ray/DVD/surround sound version and being able to separate the tracks if you have the right software.

I like the remixes too. Not the straight-up remixes so much. More the ones that reveal parts of the songs that were buried.


Been listening to his remixes for like over 2 years now I think. Great stuff.
Its nice to hear newly isolated instrumentals , tracks with the backing vocals in the forefront,etc. Songs like Why Not Smile, the 11th Untitled song, and Falls to Climb sound beautiful when you hear certain instruments being less in the background.

BaldAndroid said he simply uses Audacity on the albums that had 5.1 mixes on the DVDs from 2005. Makes a lot of sense since those had the seperate tracks and its easier to seperate and change things up from that. The rest he said were from the standard 2.0 tracks.

I highly recommend everyone to pick out one of their fav songs and listen to the various remixes.