R.E.M. Museum of Television & Radio / Beverly Hills / 2001

While working at VH1/Behind The Music I got to know Chris Bilheimer. great guy. He got me into a Reveal promo event at The Museum of Television & Radio in Beverly Hills, sometime in summer 2001.

I have looked all over for video of the event (they did a similar thing in NY). I remember cameras were rolling. It was really a beautiful performance. LMR and So. Central Rain were highlights. Only about 20 people in audience, all sitting cross-legged on the floor, 10 feet from the band.

Anyone ever come across this? Maybe Ethan knows? Would love to revisit. I have some vague memory that Michael was wearing same shirt as Imitation of Life video (maybe?)


He was wearing that same shirt. It was also the first time I got a picture with all three guys (and the last time). I was in the room for all three performances, one of which had no audience, just me, my sister and Bertis.

I think the video was captured by Launch, and I likely still have the CD of it, but will have to see if I can find the video.


ahh cool! I wishI would have said hello!

Amazing you got a private show. I have a great memory of Michael singing The One I Love differently, lower, with a beautiful refrain at the end of “lah-lah-lahs”. Audio of that made it onto the 1988-2011 Rarities release.

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