R.E.M. instrumentals... with vocals

Always thought it would have been a cool project for fans, to try to write lyrics and record vocals on top on R.E.M. instrumentals (Tricycle, Mandolin Strum, White Tornado, etc.)…


this guy on reddit added vocals to “uptempo ricky” (from the monster demos) and it was very cool! he did a great job. it was on youtube but i believe got a copyright strike. but yeah would love to hear more of that type of thing.

Me too. There’s a band called Owenshire who did this with a few instrumentals, as well as covering songs. At least one of the guys involved is on here. Pretty sure it’s all on YouTube. Worth checking out.

I’d love to see someone do Weatherman. Not an instrumental exactly, but the only version we have is a very poor recording.

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Yup, Robert Muhlbock is here under the name @Owenshire , and I’m friends with Clive on FB. Their studio renditions of “weird” R.E.M. stuff was so good I kept a good handful of their videos in my external HD.

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