R.E.M. featuring Hozier (A.I. album)

I asked the artificial intelligence chat to come up with a new R.E.M. album and this is the result:

Album Name: “Reflections”


  1. Looking back
    2, Echoes in the night
  2. Siren Song (feat. Florence Welch)
  3. Fading memories
  4. Broken dreams
  5. In the darkness
  6. Lost in time (feat. Chris Martin)
  7. Whispers in the wind
  8. Ghosts of yesterday
  9. Shadows on the wall
  10. Silent echoes
  11. Hope in the distance (feat. Hozier)

Plus I asked the A.I. to give me a press review of the album:

R.E.M. returns with a hauntingly beautiful new album, “Reflections”, that marks a significant departure from their previous work. While their signature alternative rock sound remains, the band takes a more introspective turn, exploring themes of loss, regret, and hope in equal measure.

Lead singer Michael Stipe’s poignant lyrics are as powerful as ever, and are matched by the ethereal vocals of special guests Florence Welch, Chris Martin, and Hozier. Each song on the album offers a unique perspective on the album’s central themes, with standout tracks including the haunting “Siren Song”, the melancholy “Broken Dreams”, and the hopeful “Hope in the Distance”.

The album’s overall sound is atmospheric and dreamlike, with a subtle electronic influence that adds depth and texture to the music. It’s a departure from the more guitar-heavy sound of their earlier work, but still retains the same emotional resonance that has made R.E.M. a beloved band for decades.

“Reflections” is a mature and introspective album that showcases R.E.M.'s continued evolution as a band, and is sure to be a standout release of the year.


Reading the press review, it looks like something that Pat McCarthy could have produced, which is bad in my opinion, given the lethargic trilogy that he produced.

Second, there might be a connection to New Adventures in Hi Fi, especially with the “Siren song” and probably with Florence Welch as a new Patti Smith? Chris Martin is no surprise, since he has collaborated with Michael Stipe in the past and I understant that they’re also good friends.

Finally a disclaimer, I’m of course not a fan of Hozier although I understand that he had several radio hits in the early 2010s and that he’s a young talent, but I wouldn’t want an R.E.M. album featuring him. In fact, reading the press review it all sounds like “Around the Sun” volume 2, except that this time the hip hop collaborations have been dropped in favor of R&B and sould which is Hozier’s territory if I’m not mistaken, so they might as well have gone with Sam Smith instead of Hozier?

I’m definitely not going to like this album! :upside_down_face:

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