R.E.M. Digital Hoarding

Let’s play a fun game. I have been slowly adding to my digital R.E.M. collection for a long time now and it currently sits at 363 GB. (This will grow in a few days once I rip the Bluray discs from Monster and New Adventures 25th re-issues).

How big is your digital R.E.M. collection?


363 Gb?!? Wow! I’m impressed and bow down to you!

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Not as big as yours! I’ve still got mostly everything on discs.

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Currently, my audio-only collection (I call it “R.E.M. Box”) sits at 100Gb of official audio (R.E.M.‘s and band members’ isolated) and not many live shows separated by year and album. It’s perfectly organized now, after a few years of tending to.


The R.E.M. gigs folder, which I haven’t listened to yet, in order to maybe incorporate in the R.E.M. Box or delete or else, is 53Gb on my HD.


And the video folder in my external drive is around 300-350Gb so far with almost everything the band has ever released, except for the stuff I have on DVD (Tourfilm, Road Movie, Best of, Perfect Square). I think all the smaller video compilations are there, along with many live shows, the BBC box, the REMTV box, the Blu-rays, the extras and so much else.


I only collect RealAudio 1.0 files. Because, you know, VINTAAAAAAGE!!!

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I currently have an exactly 18gb R.E.M. FLAC audio collection (you can get it all through my Soulseek so you don’t have to bother with the agoniously slow filehost PBTHAL uses like I did, those are all his most recent rips), it contains

  1. PBTHAL vinyl rips for R.E.M. from Chronic Town through Green (including Dead Letter Office and Eponymous, also the 1999 EMI Millenium reissue of Document along with the original 1987 pressing, I only listen to the original pressing vinyl rips of every release up to Out of Time though)

  2. MFSL CD rips of Murmur and Reckoning

  3. MFSL non-PBTHAL vinyl rips of Lifes Rich Pageant and Document

  4. R.E.M. Document 1999 remastered CD rip, don’t listen to it, it’s really harsh to my ears because it feels like loudness war turned it inside out

  1. Losing My Religion & Shiny Happy People single CD rips, 4 releases:
    3A. Losing My Religion (b/w Rotary Eleven and After Hours Live, Velvet Underground cover)
    3B. Losing My Religion (b/w Stand, Turn You Inside Out and World Leader Pretend Live versions 1989)
    3C Shiny Happy People (does not contain album original, three alternate mixes - Music Mix, Pop Mix, Hip Mix)
    3D Shiny Happy People (b/w Forty Second Song and Losing My Religion Live Acoustic)

A lot of these B-sides are absent from Warner Bros Complete Rarities 1988-2011 lol

  1. original mastering CD rips of Eponymous, Out of Time, Automatic For The People, Monster, New Adventures in Hi-Fi, The Automatic Box, The Best of R.E.M., R.E.M. in the Attic - Alternative Recordings 1985-1989

  2. 25th Anniversary Monster 4CD rip

Some actual rarities now:

  1. Radio Free Europe Hib-Tone non-PBTHAL original pressing vinyl rip

  2. Murmur Rough Mixes & Demos - Analog Loyalist-collected bootleg of mostly just slightly earlier versions of songs that ended up on Murmur, 2 tracks that ended up being actually finished atleast a decade later for a movie, the only track with no actual official release in any capacity is That Beat

  3. Cassette Set - Also Analog Loyalist release, slightly equalized rip of the cassette that R.E.M. sent out to local bands and radios in 1981, contains original pre-Hibbert mixes of Radio Free Europe and Sitting Still, 8-second polka version of Sitting Still, censored version of Radio Free Europe, original White Tornado and failed take 2

  4. Wicked Game (February 25th, 1995 Milan, Italy) - 2CD rip, live bootleg from Monster tour

  5. Rhythmic Studios Eliot Mazer Demos CD rip - quality is actually terrible compared to the Analog Loyalist remaster of Murmur Rough Mixes, well it has Skank and Cushy Tush, two tracks with no official release in it though

  6. TapeTyrant Master Series Vol. 1 - R.E.M. 1984-10-16 Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Providence, RI, USA - also a bootleg live recording, one thing that sucks about it is that a chunk of the instrumental intro of the opener Radio Free Europe wasn’t recorded


Oh I forgot I also have a separate video folder not on Soulseek

It contains DVD rips of Pop Screen, When The Light Is Mine (The Best of I.R.S. Years) and REMTV. I also had The Film Is On but via torrent shenanigans it warped out of existence. I also meant to download R.E.M. Singles Collected for simply the Catapult (Live) B-side of (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville because it wasn’t in Dead Letter Office nor Eponymous nor R.E.M. In The Attic for some reason. But torrent shenanigans took that away from me too, actually the torrent just lacks seeders. The Light Is Mine actually broke because I put in a subfolder called “R.E.M.” and Windows DOES NOT like folders that end in punctuation, that’s why my R.E.M. music folder is simply called “R.E.M”

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I knew Murmurs.com wouldn’t let me down - looks like some nice collections!

I have still kept my discs too :slight_smile: @Lori

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Just a reminder for R.E.M. Digital Hoarders to not make my mistake; if you download R.E.M. torrents and you create a folder for the band NEVER name the folder “R.E.M.”, because Windows DOES NOT like punctuation on the end of folder names, it will corrupt your torrent contents, you will get nothing, and you will have problems deleting the bugged out empty folder. Put it as “REM” or “R.E.M” always instead. Do not make my mistake.

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Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face::rooster: