R.E.M. and joint pain

I must say, i find this hilarious. I`ve liked The Hard Times for a long time now and i find most of the stuff by them really funny.

Needless to say i pulled my groin on monday when playing football and i can´t run right now, so… Everybody hurts i guess.

Oh, You`re An R.E.M. Fan? Name Three Over The Counter Supplements For Joint Pain


Oh, that is great! Being a true Boomer, i found myself sneering at “over-the-counter”. Why, I not only first heard “Radio Free Europe” on the radio in 1981, I know the generic names for Flexeril and Lyrica!


Hahahaha! Thats sweet!

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One of the medicines I take for pulmonary hypertension is sildenafil. AKA Viagra. You couldn’t make it up. It’s actually a happy accident that it was initially developed as a treatment for PH and COPD and then researchers were pleasantly surprised to find one of the side effects was male erections. Big long lasting hard ones. It does nothing for me in that regard, but I think it’s hilarious.