Question about selling items and merch


I didn’t see anything in the FAQs, so thought I’d come here next to check…

I’ve got a few fairly rare and unique R.E.M. related item that I’m selling and wanted to know the policy of posting them here as well. I’ve sold plenty on Discogs and the Steve Hoffman Message Board with 100% seller ratings. Just trying to get these in to the hands of real fans :slight_smile:



I’m curious. :person_curly_hair:t5:

I’m also curious, also penniless. People keep announcing the best stuff online, and I have no way to pay for them in ridiculous Brazilian money…


If items come up a lot, maybe start a Murmurs marketplace category? Mods and admins would have to be vigilant for spammers, but they’re everywhere anyhow. Just a thought as it seems to come up a bit.


Your best bet is to tag @ethank, the Admin of the site. He recently said he’s had some life issues that have prevented him from checking in here but hopefully he will do so once time allows.

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Time ago I created this thread but it’s not a great success as far as I can tell….
I started thinking people do not collect R.E.M. related stuff anymore, or maybe they just do not want sell them anymore?


There’s always stuff I’m interested in buying