Previous Users- What Did You Pick For a Password This Time Around?

A close relative’s birthday? a pet’s name? Guest1234? A 15+ character password created by a generator site? I’d love to see what everybody else is thinking! New users can chime in as well!

Would you like my social security number too? Should I fax my S.S. card as well?

You know. To be safe.


Throw in as much as it will allow you. Also the first street you lived on, your favorite author, and your grandmothers’ maiden names.

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I chose D3r3kl0v3r#1, which is also my insta, facebook and email password. I thought I might jot it down somewhere, just in case.


You mean there are people who remember the first street they lived on AND their grandmothers maiden name?

I thought that was just a legend.

Actually, for comedic reasons…I lied about my grandmas maiden name. It’s Coverdell.

That’s why you’re the president of the Derek Fan Club and I’m just the Sergeant at Arms.

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We should defitely start a ‘Derek appreciation’ thread.


QAnon Shaman’s dick measurements of course, what did you think?

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As if I actually remember the password to any of my accounts?


You know, they tell you to change your password, because it protects you from hackers.

I do it, because I can’t remember mine.

I have to keep a little pad of passwords because over the years of using, being stalked, hacked and generally confused I can’t remember which ones go to which sites. I had a security notice from my bank, just a general one for customers that advised using a different password for every account and contact. A hahaha. If I did that I would surely lose what is left of my mind.

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I, recently, added myself to my contact list on my phone. I keep my passwords in there in the notes section. Not all of my passwords are there though.


You won’t tell anyone, right?

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Best practice is to write them down on post-it notes and keep on the edges of your CRT.

You could have at least done Password1234 to strengthen your password, disappointed in you since you’re an Information Warlord.

It’s the same as my old one, only with the first and last elements switched. You remember!

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I prefer Information Dictator, thankyouverymuch.

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That’s what’s so annoying with these modern flatscreen displays. The edges are so narrow that the post-its won’t properly stick and there is not a lot of real estate to put many of them in the first place! So infuriating…


In what unit of measure? Angstroms, furlongs (huh huh, I said “long”), hectares, etc.?

Or better yet, send them to Dereks P.M. or this thread, it’s easier to remember that way.