Post your favorites

Music video, movie scene or anything…
I’m starting with R.E.M.


On print one of my favourite paintings by Edward Hopper. ‘Nighthawks’


Cool thread. I love this scene, one of many amazing scenes, from the wonderful Ted Lasso.


Another favorite song/music video. I first heard this song covered by The Lemonheads
‘The Outdoor Type’ - Smudge


This movie enthralled me when I was a kid. I still go back to it once in a while to re-live the moments. I’ll never forget the first time I saw that colossus move its head.

Continued - Jason fights Talos - (Jason and the Argonauts)


This one always makes me smile when I watch it. So much weird fun stuff going on, and I really love this R.E.M. song too.


I have always liked this one best. B&W, James Dean orientated, fish eye lens, Cowboy hats, American trucks, water towers (always remind me of Leonardo di Caprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? And the Killers had one on stage at a concert of theirs at the O2), telegraph road, the diner where the locals take part in turn and the sign saying “There is nothing in here worth your life” Andy Kaufman on the TV (or Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman?). It’s just a great general reminder of the vastness of America. And of course the fun, mad, join in lyrics. Capricorn One is one of my favourite films (!)

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Keith Floyd was one of the original celebrity chefs I believe. I’ve watched a few episodes of his shows. I always get a laugh out of this one. Keith is berated by his friend from the French Basque country while cooking a Piperade, " a simple scrambled egg and tomato dish" :laughing: :plate_with_cutlery:

This is a slightly odd one but I love it. Video of theme song of tv drama Slow Horses. Gary Oldman is superb in it. This video intersperses footage from the series against Jagger’s great theme song Strange Game. Love all of it.


I’m rewatching West Wing for the gazillionth time at the moment. So many amazing moments but this one cracks me up.

I loved Keith Floyd. If I’m cooking for friends (doesn’t happen often- my kitchen is tiny- only room for one- and my table seats 4- I have a glass of red on hand and fondly announce as I’m cooking “I’m doing a Keith Floyd” - imbibing a glass of red while cooking- in his honour!