Peter Buck’s solo albums

What does everyone think of these?

Personally, I love them. They’re odd. But in a good way. And there are some absolutely fantastic songs on them.

The second one is probably my favourite. Absolutely love Southerner with Patterson Hood.

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Their relative inaccessibility has kept me from getting into them, unfortunately. Just put ‘em on Bandcamp, you old grouch.


Ha! To be fair, they ignited my love for vinyl. I’m from the CD generation. I bought the first one before I had a record player. They’re a lot of fun. But yeah, it would be nice to be able to listen to them on the go.

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I already have so much stuff, including thousands of cds. Vinyl is not a rabbit hole I can go down.

Not sure where you would find them now but there were some rips of the albums being passed around at one point.

I listened to them and as much as I’d like to like them, I had a difficult time getting past Buck’s singing. The music was fine.


Why do you think they are so hard to find? Asking for everyone, not just me.

I believe Chris meant that they’re on vinyl only but yes, the first one was hard to find. I believe Buck wanted it that way. I had Schoolkids Records in Raleigh, NC order that one for me but it had to be ordered directly from the label, who doesn’t use modern technology (meaning no computers). His three full length albums and two 7" singles are available on Discogs.

They’re not bad, but I really wish he had hooked up with some guest vocalists for this material. It would have really elevated it I think.

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I found them all in FLAC a few years ago. Buck’s “vocals”, if you can call them that, and the very rushed production make it really difficult to appreciate the music. I keep the albums out of completist reasons, tbh, but I couldn’t identify one song to save my life, except the line “I’m sorry I invented indie rock” in… one of them.

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My gf got me a turntable for my birthday in 2020 and I got all of Peter’s vinyls right away off Ebay. Can’t say I’m listening to them very often though… My favorite track still is the very first one he ever released (10 Million BC).

Try your local library! I found them all at mine.
(Wouldn’t say they’re worth buying…)