Peter Buck on Reckoning (1984)

Peter Buck on Reckoning upon its release in 1984. This comes from either Melody Maker or New Musical Express and was reprinted in an issue of Uncut’s History of Rock series from a few years ago that was devoted to 1984.

“These songs are like taking a picture of your bedroom. It may not make much sense to anyone else, but to you it’s all the things in your life. We’re certainly not setting out to be deliberately obscure, but you have to short-circuit the whole idea that literal language is what things are, because literal language is just codes for what happens. Without wanting to sound too arty about it, to bypass actions and go straight to the results is what we’re trying to do, to make people feel moved by something without them being sure of what we’re writing about.”

Photo: Graham Tucker/Redferns


I’m liking the sartorial elegance!!

It’s interesting that Peter Buck was so open and talkative in the early days of the band and then withdrew from interviews and media exposure during the later years—for example, like Bill, he chose not to give a speech during the Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It’s a bummer, since I always enjoyed his candor.


Peter would have been a great critic/reviewer. love this.


I believe he diid write a review of a Replacements album, maybe Let it Be.