Original Murmurs merch still going strong

It only dawned on me earlier as I was putting my mug in the dishwasher but I was drinking from my Murmurs.com mug.

Thought I’d share a picture. Both are still in regular us3 all these years later. That Murmurs mousepad, not so much.


I bought a “Save The Athens Trestle” t-shirt way back when but it is one of the few R.E.M. things that I parted with. I hope that it went to someone who then discovered the band. :smile:


Me too!!! I miss my pilgrimage Tshirt, it’s long since bit the dust. I think I still have the murmurs smilies luggage bag, we use it as the carry-on when we fly!


Now I feel much more confident that my mug is authentic Murmurs merch :smiley:

I also have a bumper sticker or two tucked away… I’m pretty sure they’re murmurs bumper stickers. Since I don’t drive, I’ve never had a car to put them on, so I just taped them to my bedroom door as decorations :grin:


I still have mine - holes and all. It is tragically too small for me now. Getting older has not been kind.