New R.E.M. biography out now: 'R.E.M. Album by Album'

Hello folks,

I thought you might like to know that my new biography on the band, ‘R.E.M. Album by Album’, has just been released on Pen & Sword Books and is available to buy at the link. It will be on Amazon from next week.

It is a thorough run through the band’s career, from the moment the four lads enrolled in college in Athens to the eventual split 31 years later. It attempts to put into some context the circumstances that allowed for their emergence, the foundation of the 80s alternative scene, their internal struggles with balancing their ideals with an ever-growing fanbase, the moment that they became mainstream beacons for a generation of outsiders and the up-and-down years following Bill’s departure. I go through (virtually) every track the band released and all the major (and many, many minor) events along the way.

It is made with love and I worked hard so that it could appeal to true afficionados of R.E.M. as much as it does to more casual fans. I spent an enormous amount of time getting the details right and I would love the true hardcores to give it a shot

Any questions, just let me know. And please feel free to spread the word far and wide to the extended R.E.M. family and community! There are some early reviews below the line on the link to buy, if you wanted to check them out too.


Congratulations, Max! Always a huge task. I hope the result is exactly what you planned it to be.

Thanks Gargumma! It was much more laborious than I expected, but I am proud of it. Hopefully a few people here will give it a shot!