New R.E.M. biography from Birgit Fuss

Birgit Fuss has a new R.E.M. biography coming out in early 2023. To the extent I can kind of muddle through written German, I have enjoyed her writing about R.E.M. in Rolling Stone Germany. Cool cover photograph, too.


It’s in German, I see: R.E.M. - Life And How To Live It - Birgit Fuß (Buch) – jpc - Hope there will be a translation as well.

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I pre-odered it. Comes out just in time for my birthday :blush:


I read on Twitter that she’s looking for a publisher at the moment for it to be released in English.


There was also a biography written in French - Remember Every Moment - published last year as well.

Wow I wasn’t aware of either of these two biographies. Do they contain original research? Fuss’s tweet certainly indicates that she at least conducted new interviews with Mills and was also in contact with the band’s organization.

Remember Every Moment recycles a lot of old research and contains some factual errors - Michael Lachowski is identified as the lead singer of Pylon, for example - but does feature some new interviews with Scott McCaughey and others.

Thanks. That’s more or less what I assumed. I doubt I’ll be picking it up in that case. Perhaps the German bio.

There are no R.E.M. biographies in Portuguese. I’d happily translate one from English, since that’s my job anyway. But I’m afraid there would be no audience for it.

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