New Peter Buck Interview (Ultimate Classic Rock)

Funny, it seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that Peter said he was done with doing interviews and press in general. I realize he still doesn’t do a lot of them, I’m just glad that he does them at all.


Thanks, very interesting stuff. It’s a shame I know nothing about baseball, but I’m looking forward to that “Journeyman” song now.

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My lack of knowledge of baseball and many (not all) of its players has never once stood in the way of my enjoyment of the Baseball Project. Still, my favorite song about Dock Ellis is by Todd Snider who just so happens to be celebrating a birthday today.


I’m glad he changed his mind. Also glad to see / read that he doesn’t mind talking about R.E.M. too.

I don’t think he’s ever minded but he has been noticeably absent from the press junkets for the more recent releases of the 25th anniversary editions. Over the years, he’s never been at a loss for words.

Things like interview boycotts change over time. It wouldn’t surprise me if REM performs again someday.

I don’t know that it was a boycott as much as he was tired of the press that usually comes along with the release of a new album.

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