New Music Video for "Strange Currencies" (Remix / The Bear Edit)

The new music video for Scott Litt’s official remix of “Strange Currencies” intertwines footage from Road Movie and scenes from “The Bear”. They did an excellent job - while I’m still just getting into “The Bear”, the footage used seems to be the quieter/profound moments of the show, going well with the lyrics of the song.


I watched a few episodes of The Bear about a year ago and loved it and then lost track. Jeremy Allen White is great as Chef. I need to go back to it but what on earth is hulu? I just can’t seem to keep up with streaming and have recently been amassing a collection of DVDs from the Oxfam shop where I work- at least I know where I am with them plus I have upgraded to a blu ray player now.

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Strange Currencies was used amazingly well in Episode 2, but its the refrain in Episode 5 that got my attention. It’s just a small snippet, but different vocals, lyrics and instrumentation. I’d love to know how this came about. It also seems that apart from a passing comment on Facebook, this new chunk of REM has gone straight to the keeper.
Was it something that was a leftover from the sessions, something that Scot Litt was noodling around with while doing the remix?

**Edit- Just found a post on Facebook with some people discussing this… **

Wasn’t sure where to post this but it was great that The Bear got the Golden Globe for Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy and Ayo Edebiri Best Actress. I loved her character so much I went out and bought a green jacket just like hers! Maybe REM will donate Be Mine to the show next…

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