New music from The No Ones

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"Today Yep Roc Records releases the first track from the upcoming second album by The No Ones. You may recall that the group was formed by Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey, with Frode Stromstad and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen of Norway’s I Was A King. The song is “All The Stupid Days” and we propose to let it speak for itself! " - Stream it - “All The Stupid Days”


Each Peter Buck project I get excited to hear and in most cases they are then just a bit bland and disappointing. This sounds exactly like the previous No Ones album, not unpleasant but extremely forgettable. Indie muzak if you will!

(but because hope springs eternal I will buy the album when it arrives looking for the sparks of genius)

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I really like Peter Buck’s playing. I have no idea if it’s indie muzak or not.

Wasn’t so much a comment on his playing, more that the end results of the infinite collaborations are often one or two listen items, the sort of songs you might not skip on shuffle but wouldn’t actively seek out.


From R.E.M. HQ - The No Ones Christmas single is out today, "The No Ones, (Peter, Scott, Frode Strømstad, and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen have a new song up now: “A Christmas Voice (I Don’t Want To Bring You Into This World)”: A Christmas Voice (I Don’t Want To Bring You Into This World)

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From R.E.M. HQ
“Peter & Scott are back with a new No Ones album, My Best Evil Friend – out March 31. Pre-order & hear latest single “Song for George,” a tribute to the one and only late George Harrison with backing vocals from Ben Gibbard”