New music from The No Ones

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"Today Yep Roc Records releases the first track from the upcoming second album by The No Ones. You may recall that the group was formed by Peter Buck and Scott McCaughey, with Frode Stromstad and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen of Norway’s I Was A King. The song is “All The Stupid Days” and we propose to let it speak for itself! " - Stream it - “All The Stupid Days”


Each Peter Buck project I get excited to hear and in most cases they are then just a bit bland and disappointing. This sounds exactly like the previous No Ones album, not unpleasant but extremely forgettable. Indie muzak if you will!

(but because hope springs eternal I will buy the album when it arrives looking for the sparks of genius)

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I really like Peter Buck’s playing. I have no idea if it’s indie muzak or not.

Wasn’t so much a comment on his playing, more that the end results of the infinite collaborations are often one or two listen items, the sort of songs you might not skip on shuffle but wouldn’t actively seek out.


From R.E.M. HQ - The No Ones Christmas single is out today, "The No Ones, (Peter, Scott, Frode Strømstad, and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen have a new song up now: “A Christmas Voice (I Don’t Want To Bring You Into This World)”: A Christmas Voice (I Don’t Want To Bring You Into This World)

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From R.E.M. HQ
“Peter & Scott are back with a new No Ones album, My Best Evil Friend – out March 31. Pre-order & hear latest single “Song for George,” a tribute to the one and only late George Harrison with backing vocals from Ben Gibbard”

I don’t know what “indie muzak” is either but I listened once and wasn’t particularly taken by the record. That said, when Mills, Buck, and McCaughey come around in various lineups I often tend to enjoy them more in a live setting than on record.

From R.E.M. HQ on Twitter - “The No Ones have a new video directed by none other than
Scott McCaughey, Check out “Band With No Head” from their new LP My Best Evil Friend…”


To me it’s got a sort of surreal Beatles-ish thing going on…I like it

Hello All is anyone likely to be going to the Manchester Deaf Institute gig at all? I ask because I rather stupidly bought 3 tickets thinking my sister and brother in law might come but they can’t make it .I have a terrible tendency to do this- buy more tickets than I need and then be unable to find anyone to go with!. So far this year I’ve done it for Franz Ferdinand at Ally Pally (tickets re-sold) Sam Fender at Finsbury Park (written off) and now I’m on my own for 9th July. Well I’ve decided I’m going and that’s that although I may leave early. A friend tells me its a great venue. Anyway, I’ll take all 3 tickets and leave 2 at the box office for others to use if they want them. In the past I got 4 tickets for Van Morrison at Kew (got a refund) and 4 tickets for Muse at the O2 (I’d already seen them in Bristol that year) and really annoyingly 3 tickets got resold and I had to go on my own. The other 3 people got the evil eye I can tell you although the concert was good (they have amazing lighting). Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll be wearing my R.E.M cap anyway.

I’m going to the Minus 5 / The No-Ones gig tonight (Jul 4).
Anyone else?

Wish I could make this tour but alas not to be. Gutted they ain’t coming to Scotland. Was gonna try and get to Leeds or Manchester but the fuel/accommodation was more than I could justify.

Enjoy tonight. Let us know how it was!

Last night - Robert Andrews on Instagram: "@the_minus_5 / @the_no_ones_official rocking at @clwbiforbach tonight @rem"

Charlie Francis, who not only engineered Up but has also been living right here in Cardiff for the last 20 years unbeknownst to me, was on keys and did a fine job.

It was small, intimate and fun. They did a first bit as The No-Ones and came back as The Minus 5, whose songs were pretty rocking and, at times, poignant.

Had a quick chat and signing with the guys afterward. A Tuesday-night treat to see them here on my doorstep. I didn’t think I’d see Peter and Scott in Cardiff for a fourth time.


Great photos. Still pondering trying to go to Manchester. Would involve a 9 hour round trip by car. I might do it. I met Peter Buck after a Venus 3 gig 20 years ago, and to my eternal regret, didn’t get a picture with him.

Crikey! - the Northolt, Kent, show was basically a pub beer garden, and they played The One I Love, with a chap from a local band on vocals -

(We all go back to where we belong?)

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Awesome. This seems like a really special wee tour. I wonder what other surprises are in store. Luke Haines is supposed to be joining them at one of the gigs. Michael Stipe was in London until a few days ago. I wondered if he might stick around for these but if looks like he’s back in the States now. File under “extremely unlikely”!

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Well, I made a late decision to drive down to Manchester for last night’s gig. Got home at 3am, after a pretty horrendous drive home through absolutely biblical weather. Wendell Gee (my cat) was super happy to see us. Don’t normally leave him for that long.

All totally worth it.

The band(s) were awesome. It rocked pretty hard. Nice wee venue, though the roof was leaking in several places! Small crowd, maybe 100. Those who braved the rain (inside and out…) were treated to a great show and a meet and greet with Buck and McCaughey at the end.

McCaughey’s a force of nature. It’s only just over 5 years since his stroke. But his energy is incredible. And the dude can shred! As has often been said, he’s a super nice guy too.

Great night, so glad I went.

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Nice one, Binky.
Yeah, I had a chat with them both afterward, too. I assume Peter is loving playing to leaky rooms of 100 people.
As much as it rocked, I think the songs about age, health and death also stuck out for me - quite reflective stuff.


Yeah, with a dose of humour though, I thought. But understandable, given what McCaughey went through.