New Michael Stipe art exhibit

Michael has his folk art collection curated for the Outsider Art Fair in New York City on March 3-6.

I will likely be heading out for the opening on the 3rd so let me know if you’re going.


Hi Ethan, it looks very interesting, I wish I could attend it…

On a separate note, I was wondering if you know anything about Michael’s exhibition at ICA in Milan.
He mentioned it during last year’s podcast with Damiani, but there are not much info or date on the internet.

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I love this. It is so true. The south, with all its hate of those things different, celebrates idiosyncrasies

“ “I have always been interested in people living on the fringes. In the South, they are not only tolerated but often honored and embraced.” “

They are honored and embraced.

My only request is…

Take pictures. Take many pictures! Then post them. I will be most grateful.