New Don Dixon Interview

Don Dixon already had spent 13 years playing, singing and writing with the North Carolina indie band Arrogance when he joined Mitch Easter to co-produce R.E.M.’s trailblazing first two albums, “Murmur” and “Reckoning.” He went on to produce the first two crunchy-and-sweet Smithereens albums (and a couple more later) plus music from Guadalcanal Diary, Matthew Sweet, Marshall Crenshaw and Marti Jones, to whom he remains married. His own infectious “Praying Mantis” got him some airplay as well. Did he see himself more as a soul singer, songwriter, bassist or producer? What are the secrets to being a strong producer? What happened when Nirvana asked him about producing “Nevermind”? Dixon has enough great stories and insights to fill two Caropop episodes. This is the first.

Caropop Don Dixon, Pt. 1