Nanci Griffith Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

The R.E.M. connection is that Peter Buck produced two tracks for her 1994 album Flyer; “Time of Inconvenience” and “Going Back To Georgia.” Per this article Peter Blackstock wrote for the Austin American-Statesman in the wake of her passing last August, they recorded a total of 8 songs together during the sessions for Flyer. If so inclined, you can read more about that here.


Thanks. Loved Nanci. So did my Dad. It was always nice when we found common musical ground. Didn’t know the Peter Buck connection.

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To be honest, even though I own Flyer and certainly had to have been aware of it at the time, I had forgotten about it until she passed away. I would love to hear the other songs she and Buck recorded together. Not sure if they’ll ever see the light of day though.

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