My other favorite band (King's X) has a new album out soon

And what do these two bands have in common?

  1. Underweight, lefthanded, occasionally bald lead singers who have had body parts ridiculed by Beavis and Butthead (and incidentally, are gay)

  2. Songs titled “Fall On Me” and “[The] Burning Down.”

  3. Their bass players said on the record that the band stayed together because the band members loved each other.

  4. They both have lots of good songs!

Here’s a story about them from a few years ago.

And a video.

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That said, critics have tried to compare them to other bands and failed. Me? I think they compare best to another hard-to-pigeonhole band, and that’s Rush, and that a Rush/King’s X tour would have been, as a massive understatement, great. Too late now, I know.