My favorite setlist from any show I saw

This show as a chore to get to, and to get home from. We were supposed to get a ride from the band on the way back, but no one told us they were doing a “runner” (straight from stage to van). I almost got hit by the van, and we ended up stranded in the middle of nowhere outside Padova until morning.



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My favourite is probably this one: R.E.M. Concert Setlist at Via Funchal, São Paulo on November 11, 2008 |
I wouldn’t have included I’m Gonna DJ though…

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Not my favourite show, but with some distance the favourite setlist was Antwerp, 2005. (17 years ago to the day… woah.)

Finest Worksong / Departure / I Took Your Name to open, a rare appearance of Aftermath (one of my ATS favourites), Disturbance at the Heron House and The Great Beyond in the encores. Chef’s kiss.

This one for the absolute gems it produced! A wild setlist when you look back on it, but of course, THIS IS NOT A SHOW

I saw five shows this tour and this was the best set list by far.

Were you to make me choose at the pain of never being able to eat plaice again (please don’t), it’s probably Dublin 2003 first night, because they played Radio Free Europe and it was just one of these absolutely magical nights, right from the moment when Peter kicked off his shoes about a minute into Begin the Begin and played the rest of the gig in his socks. Oh, and @SweetFannyAddams told me she was my biggest fan, so that was cool, too. :grin:


This show I saw in 2008 was fantastic:

I was ecstatic to get West of the Fields! The version of Let Me In they were doing on this tour was amazing also.


My first big concert, during my senior year of high school… Pylon was the opener.


sung like MC Hammer can’t top this


Of course it’s hard to choose one, but I think I’d have to settle on the first of the Dublin rehearsals in 2007 because there was so much there that was either completely brand new or I knew I’d never hear again.

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The ones I attended.

Only been to 4 (and a half) shows. This one in Philly was my favorite

I went to that show :sunglasses:
I remember being very excited to hear Radio Free Europe live. Didn’t remember Peter kicked his shoes off though.

I was standing in the front row, so it was hard to miss. :sunglasses:


You beat me to it!

I first saw them in the 90s so missed the IRS years and early songs were minimal in the gigs I saw so wasn’t very lucky on that front. Just the usual suspects, One I love, End of the world and Orange Crush (not IRS but still a scant 80s track that I saw). I couldn’t believe it when they played what, 8 IRS era songs?

They were amazing that night and I nearly didn’t go because I’d seen them loads in the noughties and wasn’t a huge fan of accelerate. I’d have never forgiven myself If I’d have missed it considering the set and it being their last UK show. Makes me sick thinking about it :grimacing:

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That tour is the only time I saw Pylon. They came to Chapel Hill several years ago but I believe it was on a Monday night which made it difficult to attend, especially since I was living close to 3 hours away at the time. More recently, I missed the Pylon Reenactment Society who shared a bill with Mitch Easter’s latest band (Balderdash, LTD) at Cat’s Cradle Back Room in Carrboro.

I only got to see them twice, unfortunately, but I loved it so much I made these. The bottom was the Up tour where they played a lot of minor league stadiums, and the show got cut short because of a thunderstorm moving in. That stunk, but I got to experience It’s The End Of The World in the front row in the pouring rain and there’s nothing that can top that.