Musicians on Twitter

Twitter, good or bad, is my “poison” of the social media channels.

It is interesting to see who has become a “voice” there. Mike Mills is pretty active and will interact with fans. I asked him once what he was singing on Harborcoat and he basically said he had no clue.

Steve Albini had become pretty present in the past year or so. The guy from Eve6 has made a name for himself and Chris Barron (of Spin Doctors fame) is always chiming in. If you asked me 10 years ago what the guy from Eve6 is doing, I would have no idea but in 2022, he’s adding to the discourse.

In terms of legacy bands, Pavement’s social media game is deceptively strong:

I did not see that coming but gladly welcome it.


Jason Isbell kills it on twitter @JasonIsbell


Mike liked two of my tweets last year and I was so thrilled I put it on our family holiday card :upside_down_face: