Murmurs.Social instead of Twitter

I created a Murmurs mastodon server for those that want to try it out. You can also migrate to it. Twitter is a dumpster fire of shit. Sign up at

I’m thinking of also creating a private Discord server as well. Thoughts?


Holy cow. I’m on the art server at the moment. Let me figure out how to migrate.

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I have a Mastadon acct on Can I go across servers? (I find the place so confusing.)

And I’d love a private server.

Set up a separate account for bizaleth ( -

I’m going to try it out, don’t know anything about mastodon or Discord, here goes…

um… what’s the problem with this here, guys? Let’s make Murmurs happen, otherwise, why migrate?

It’s a Twitter alternative not murmurs. Just offering it for people. Read up on what Mastodon is and why people are moving from Twitter to that.

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I kinda know what Mastodon is, in terms of a “Twitter alternative” (even if I never visited), and I’m fully aware of the whole Twitter situation right now. I use Twitter regularly, only not for R.E.M. purposes.

I only wonder: why, when we have Murmurs, no limitation of characters, images, etc, and we have real fans and a much better interface here? People have abandoned Murmurs for some reason, but it works really well and should be the hub for all R.E.M.-related subjects.

Not thinking of it as a Murmurs alternative. I just wanted my own Mastodon instance so set one up, and inviting others to use it.

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I’m trying it out because it’s outside my familiarity, a new adventure. I’ll still be here, I like the comradery on this site.

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I am only on Twitter under the @GuitartownTwang moniker to help promote events and related news with a focus on the Triangle region of NC. I’m aware of what’s going on on Twitter but am really not searching for an alternative to it, though I’m aware many are. Mostly, what I see are people complaining about Twitter on Twitter. So, I have no real plans to abandon ship. I was about to say beyond being on FB and IG I have no real desire for more social media in my life but thanks to a new friend, I just joined Tik Tok. I’m only just getting my toes wet there but I doubt I stick around for long. I was also only on Snapchat for a short time. I suspect this will be the same.

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I already deleted my account on Tik Tok. That lasted about an hour.

I abandoned my accounts on Instagram, twitter and YT over a year ago, I got tired trying to keep up with everything. I bookmarked a few accounts from those sites I still like to see. Facebook I retain to keep in touch with relatives and a few friends. So far I’ve noticed mostly tech pros, journalists and news media using Mastodon, I feel a bit out of place, the best place right now would be staying in the back for a while.

I turn off notifications for everything except for posts I make on my own page on FB. In other words, I make no real attempt to keep up. I can’t imagine what it would be like to do so.

Oh, I find TikTok, Twitch and a few other places HUGELY fascinating.

I already have too much social media in my life so I’m good with FB, IG, and what little bit of time I spend on Twitter. That said, I probably didn’t give TikTok a fair shake. I’m also not likely to give it another shot either. No offense intended to those that enjoy it.

I wish I didn’t find TikTok so fascinating. I don’t post anything and I only scroll through my FYP feed, but it just sucks a person in.

I’m finding Mastodon quieter and less chaotic than twitter. I like it.

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I just learnt a new word - “enshittification” :rofl:

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Oh dear. This is all a bit beyond me. I’m a bit of a technophobe (well maybe a bit more than a bit!). I couldn’t possibly cope with more than one internet “platform”. Platforms should be reserved for train stations (hehhe geddit?). Anyway, I enjoy murmurs so will stick to what I like…