Murmurs is taking a while to load

I have a small set of websites I open all at the same time every day, Murmurs being one of them. It’s been taking much longer than before now. It loads a line of colored dots blinking on the screen for about 30 seconds – I know, first world problems, but it’s taking much longer than it used to. Maybe it’s because of too much new content, idk.

Not sure why that is, but I just thought it should be reported in case something is going wrong somewhere. I exclusively read the site through a decent (far from new) desktop computer running Win10 and Chrome, both all updated, and most websites load much faster.

for what it’s worth this has not happened to me. Murmurs always loads quickly.

It happens to me now and then. Most of the time it loads okay. I thought could maintenance stuff slowing it down. I run Win10 on a pc too but it tends to happen when I view murmurs on my mobile, a Samsung.

No issues here either. I am using the web browser on the laptop or phone (not the app)