Mitch Easter interview


I read this a couple days ago. It THE best article most fun and interesting and videos! I was riveted and had a great time so thank you!! :heart::heart::heart::slightly_smiling_face::rooster:

No problem. I was surprised that Peter played a Fender (that wasn’t a Tele) on Murmur.

Yes, it was Mitch’s Fender XII, which is super cool. I didn’t know that the Twin wasn’t used on Murmur because it was broken.

Peter is most well known for the Rick and his Vox, but he has a really nice Fender assortment. I’ve tried to contribute some to his collection :slight_smile:

Kind of juxtaposed and loosely related… with The Smile…Jonny almost uses a Gibson throughout the whole concert. I was sure he was strictly a Fender user. I mean I only saw him use a Rick, one time.

I liked that interview a lot the other day when I read it. Particularly love that they picked that sentence for the headline: "A Lot of Bands Simply Wanted to Fit In, but R.E.M. Always Wanted to Be Themselves”.

First because, when you really know R.E.M. like we do here, we know as a fact that it’s a very good definition for them. Second because I fully identify with that in my own work. I have no idea what people want and don’t care that much either, but I know what I want to do.


That was great. Took me way back. I’d love to do it all over again.

Does Fender make the XII anymore?

We do actually, but not sure what the stock situation is like. The last time I ordered one I had to beg the Ensenada factory to assemble it with spare parts.


It does look sweet though. Which Fender does it sound like the most?