Minor news thread

Starting this thread with Mike Mills’ book recommendations.

The content is found on the website of WUGA which broadcasts from the University of Georgia’s campus, where Mike Mills recommends a couple of books he’s currently reading. ”Like many readers, I read more than one book at a time”.

The first one is Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorised!) Biography of Golf’s Most Colourful Superstar by Alan Shipnuck, while the second is David Corn’s American Psychosis: A Historical Investigation of How the Republican Party Went Crazy.

Speaking of the latter book, he describes it as “a fascinating read”.

“I’ve known David for many years, he has a lot of knowledge about how politics works (…) when we get together he wants to talk rock n’ roll and I want to talk about politics”.

“I wish more people would be involved in politics because it affects everyone of us”, added Mr. Mills.



San Francisco singer-songwriter Matt Nathanson in a conversation with Ed Condran of Spokane-based The Spokesman Review, briefly discusses R.E.M.’s songwriting:

“(REM vocalist) Michael Stipe almost never used the word ‘love’ in a song,” Nathanson said. “Yes, he used it in ‘The One I Love,’ which is one of the darkest love songs ever, but aside from that, he didn’t use the word ‘love’ in R.E.M. songs. A producer once told me that he suggested that Stipe use the word ‘love’ in a particular R.E.M. song since it fit perfectly but Stipe declined.”



Thanks for that link. I used to listen to Matt N. a lot between around 2001-2008 or so. Dropped out of listening to him around then but I did just a few weeks ago end up kind of randomly listening to his new Boston Accent album and liked it. Good interview and nice random R.E.M. comment. (I remember back when I would see Matt in concert a lot in the early 00s he would sometimes throw in a few lines of “We Live As We Dream, Alone”, like Stipe used to do.)