Mike, Peter and Scott @ Snow Station Vadsø

As mentioned on R.E.M. HQ -
“Mike, Peter and Scott to play Snow Station Vadsø.
@snowstationvadso grew out of an artist residency that Michèle Noach was invited to in Arctic Norway, nine years ago. It started as a small group of musician friends joining her there for a fairly impromptu two nights of music, with some art on the side. This March it’s the fifth iteration. She took it to Japan 2017 (Kyoto & Tokyo) and London 2023 (the Royal Geographical Society), and now we’re back home in Vadsø…”

Some videos have appeared on youtube posted by OllieOllie55

'Let The Rope Go, Cassie Lee" - Minus 5 @ SnowStationVadsø Norway


More videos have been posted by OllieOllie55 on youtube.
‘Waiting For My Man’ (VU cover) - Tim Keegan and friends.