Mike Mills on the next Decemberists album

Mike has apparently dropped into the studio to guest on the new Decemberists album. Intriguing. I don’t have any other information. I always look forward to new Decemberists material, so I’m particularly looking forward to this.


From the Colin Meloy studio diary newsletter (below). I’m not a paid subscriber so don’t have the full post with any further details.

Monday, September 25

On Sunday, Tucker texts, saying that Mike Mills is in town, playing a show with The Baseball Project, and shouldn’t we try and get him on a song or two? Seems too auspicious to pass up, seeing as how Mills’ capoed bass playing has already played a part in the spirit of our recording. Tucker texts him to see if he’ll be available; Mike gamely offers to stay an extra day for some studio time. I prepare myself, inwardly, to spend time with a childhood hero, an early influence on me both in terms of music and glasses-wearing.

Even though this is the beginning of our four-week stint with the whole band, Tucker and I determine it might be best if we had a couple more days just the two of us, to play around a little more, set up some foundations for the band to build on. Sometimes it seems like there’s never enough time; that there’s always more things to tweak and tinker.


As a fan of R.E.M. and the Decemberists I love this news.

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