Mike Mills Concerto & R.E.M. Explored

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This weekend, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra introduces the world premiere performances of “R.E.M. Explored”. Mike Mills is to perform with violinist Robert McDuffie.
"I’ve attended many symphonies but there’s nothing quite like being on the stage with the ASO There’s a lot of vibration. That’s what music is, it’s vibration and you really feel it when you’re up there with them and you realize just how good these players are.” – Mike Mills, interview with the AJC’s Lee Valentine


An interview with Mike Mills and Robert McDuffie (Mirrored from R.E.M. HQ)
Mike and Robert McDuffie caught up with Creative Loafing earlier this week to discuss their upcoming performances of “R.E.M. Explored…"


“Dvořák is the Mike Mills of classical music.”



Very much looking forward to attending Saturday evening!

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I’m not in the U.S., come back and tell us about it!

How was it @graceMark ?

This video has appeared Youtube. A lovely rendition of “Night Swimming.”