Michael Stipe's hat

I figured this would be the right place to ask.
I wear a fedora hat to protect my head and face from the sun. It was more of a flimsy sun hat. Awhile back a coworker had told me I "look like the guy from R.E.M. " because I typically wear a sports jacket as my work attire. I knew exactly what look he meant, so I went back and saw the Everybody Hurts video. The hat Michael has looks like it’d fit as a more professional look compared to the hat I have now, which I suppose looks like an old man’s hat.

I know little to nothing about fedora hats. All I know is that it seems to be just the right hat for sun protection. Was hoping someone here knew exactly what hat Michael wore and where I could find such a hat.

To me it looks like a fedora with the rim turned up. You could try google search Michael Stipe fedora hat.

I’ve tried different search engines with those very words and nothing specific comes up. I know theres like a dozen fedora styles but I dont know which one in particular that Michael had from that time. Was hoping someone here knew the exact name of the style or where to purchase it.

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I think you did well to ask this here (where else?), even if people are gonna dismiss it, but if I were conducting that research myself, I would just have the picture saved at hand and open aside, and go search “manually” in Google Images exhaustively and with different keywords until I found something similar. Can’t think of another way.

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Or Google fedora click images, you never know what you’ll find. Same with eBay. You just never know

Yea, thats what I’ve been trying like every other weekend. Haven’t had any luck. Thats why I thought to ask here if by chance someone already went about with getting the hat or just really knows hats. I assumed that perhaps that hat is considered vintage and no longer available in general. Found that to be a case with a coat awhile back. The style I wanted was very distinctly a 1990s style and not found anywhere unless custom made.

Maybe someone made it for him

This looks to be a similar brim size.

There’s quite a range in brim size with fedoras which make them look completely different. Larger ones like Indiana Jones’s look almost like cowboy hats. The smaller brimmed ones are closer to Trilby’s. The one Michael wears in the Hurts video is defo small, softer brim with a lot of give in it as he’s turned it up slightly.

Thats whats made it difficult to eye.The slightest difference and its immediately a different style and name of hat.

I found this one

Looks close enough with the thinner brim and the front rolled back. It doesnt seem to have the bow on the side like Michael’s. I tried looking up what hats have the bow. The bow supposedly makes it a “godfather hat” but even at that, if the size of the brim and height of the crown is different, it then ends up being a different hat.