Michael Stipe with Janeane Garofalo at Tribeca

Did anyone go? Has anyone heard anything about it? Is the solo album finally about to drop?!

I’ve got to go to work, so haven’t watched this yet, but someone’s put it on YouTube. What a lovely R.E.M.ish day this is turning out to be…


Michael said he’s “trying to finish this fucking solo record.” :grin:


Arrrggghhh! Hurry up Michael! I’ve been saving bandcamp vouchers for this! :smile:

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He says that it’s “half-written” :man_facepalming: he already said this 2 years ago… sounds like we won’t be getting this album in 2024

He needs to (Peter) Buck his ideas up! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ll get my coat…


Have another drink Janeane . . . LOL.

Yeah, I’m beginning to lose hope on the solo album. Unless he attaches his creative wagons to collaborator/producer, I fear he will keep chasing his tail for years…or, lose interest and decide to call up the boys for some (fingers crossed) jamming???

I like the word Janeane mentioned “filibuster” :grin:

I went.

It was quite the interesting conversation. He pointed out some of our R.E.M. shirts which was really nice. I went with a few friends and we got to sit in the very first row. Michael had said, (I’m putting this in my own words) that one reason why the album is taking so long is that he is a perfectionist and he is composing the songs himself and wants to be careful that the songs do not sound like R.E.M. I really do hope he finishes it soon.


think all his solo stuff so far has involved production/writing from andy lemaster. not sure if that’s still the case, but yeah stipe needs a push it seems like.