Michael Stipe & Mathew Sweet

I saw this on @ethank 's twitter. “Michael Stipe and Matthew Sweet demo, originally last minute omitted from the 1986 compilation Don’t Shoot.”
I haven’t heard this track before, maybe some of you have already. It’s gorgeous & Michael plays accordion on it.
Tainted Obligations - Community Trolls



Looked up the records. According to Discogs release page, the two singles are unofficial releases.

Red: R.E.M. – Wolves, Lower (1994, Red, Vinyl) - Discogs
Green: R.E.M. – Wolves, Lower (1994, Green, Vinyl) - Discogs (blocked from being sold on the site)

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Thats quite an old song that was circulating back in the olden days. I got that CD when it was first released just to have a clear version of that track. Briar Rose is another fav on that album.


Yeah, I have a scratchy live version of this somewhere. Always loved it. Never heard a nice, clear studio version before, so thanks for posting!