Michael Stipe Is Writing His Next Act. Slowly. (New York Times Magazine)

Lots to dig into here. One of my favorite parts is when Stipe meets Phoebe Bridgers and boygenius comes up in the conversation. I love it when my favorite worlds collide.


Such a well-written piece. I very much enjoyed the look into Stipe’s family as well as his insecurities about his songwriting.

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It is but I’m 100% sure that’s not Stipe laying his head in “a wispy woman’s lap” in “The One I Love” video.

I wondered the same thing. I didn’t look up the video, but all the memories of watching it during my childhood didn’t have him in that particular scene.

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I also remembered the video from countless viewings but looked it up to be absolutely sure I was correct.

Great article, The One I Love video aside. :smiley:

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Do you know if the article is issued as hard copy too?

I believe it’s going to be in the next issue which evidently hasn’t hit newsstands yet.

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From R.E.M. HQ -
Awesome Gambineri cartoons accompanying the Letters To the Editor regarding the extensive profile of Michael in December.

Sweet. This one is my favourite.