Michael, Peter, & Bill in Athens for Micky Dolenz release


Some videos of Micky Dolenz EP Release show at Athens, GA, has appeared on youtube -
“…on the balcony R.E.M. members Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Bill Berry. Athens’ mayor, Kelly Girtz, presented Micky with a key to Athens. It was a fun day here in the Classic City!”

“A cover of (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone by the Funkees and Peter Buck from R.E.M. at Wuxtry Records in Athens, Georgia. …part of a ceremony to present Mickey Dolenz with the key to the city.”

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Why is Mike seemingly not involved in any way? I saw the other posts about this, and listened to the new MD SHP single. It appears Mike doesn’t want to be involved, or maybe he just doesn’t care but his absence is obvious. If anyone was going to opt out, I wouldn’t expect it to be Millsy, but it is great to see Bill again. Even Peter is behind this! Wassup, Mike?

ETA- Cool rendition. I liked the Monkees when I was a kid. Seems I still do, even though it’s only Micky D out of the original 4.

Mills is quoted in Mojo as calling the EP “beyond awesome”. I think he was just out of town and couldn’t make it work, like the article says, no reason to read into it.

Mike’s in Spain with Big Star at the moment I think.

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