Memorabilia and rarities

Yeah, lol. It is. It’s where I game and record music (oh, and work–grading papers…). I could use a plant and more light but it fits the bill until I renovate. I keep thinking office 2.0 will have less stuff on the walls, and yet, if I don’t display them, they’ll just lean against a wall in our storage room…and that seems like a waste!

BTW, one of my favourite possessions (also pictured) is a framed laser disc of Succumbs (Japanese)–I just love the pink and moss green font so much. I wish there was a full size poster of it, but alas they never made one!


Just arrived! Finally :sunglasses:


Fond memories of this holiday package. I’d been aware of the fan club for years and had written off to them several times but didn’t join until I heard Mills and Buck play “See No Evil” (from the fan club single) on an episode of the syndicated call-in show radio show Rockline in early 1989. Since I knew the singles were printed in limited quantities and feared I may have missed the boat on receiving the package, I dressed up my envelope and letter using magic markers. Much to my delight, it arrived a few weeks later. With few exceptions where I briefly allowed my membership to lapse, I remained a fan club member in good standing until it was dissolved in 2011. I still have all the packages and newsletters.


That’s cool! Are you collecting other things too?

I am not, at least at present. Times got tough so I had to move in with family. All of my physical media is presently in storage because there’s no room for it. In all likelihood there will also not be room for it once I get back on my feet either so I may have to part with all of it. I’lll try to avoid that if at all possible though. I have a fair amount of vinyl, CDs, books, DVDs, magazines, etc. I already donated all of my old VHS tapes to a local thrift store.

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I have to ask. How much? So, maybe I mentioned this? I befriended someone who once worked for the band and had a treasure trove of stuff. I bought the Howard Finster bandana from her for 100dollars (now worth north of 500!) and she too owned a complete xmas 1988 package. She sold it years ago for $500. As you know, I own just the green 45, and I’m fine with that. I’d love all the complete stuff, but, you know, there’s only so much money I can donate to this stuff anymore.


I see DriverNate, I’m sure it will be fine!

Wow! Are you still in contact with this person?
As if willed to sell something I wouldn’t mind to have a look :sunglasses:
I didn’t pay that much thank god! I believe it’s a fair amount considering it is complete, I bought it oversea, and it has been on my shopping list for 25 years :sweat_smile:

I wished for a long time I could find posters like those, but I’m in Brazil. If you find the CD themselves here for regular price, consider yourself lucky. So I gave up and put to good use my years of just dabbling with design as a hobby, and made myself about 30 R.E.M. posters between 2015 and the first few months of the pandemic. Some of them are somewhere in another thread.

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I´m also from Brazil and just recently became a R.E.M. fan and I gotta say I´m really struggling here just to find the cds/vinyls. Unfortunately I think the only way I´ll ever be able to own posters like those is if I make them myself…

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Wow, I never thought I’d find another fan from Brazil here! I know some from Facebook, but the only other Portuguese-speaker here for a long time was from Portugal. Whatever happened to that guy?

Welcome, isa. And yes, you know the struggle.

And these guys arrived today! :sunglasses:


Nice. I had a chance to buy all three for less than £100 a couple of years ago. But I didn’t. Never seen them that cheap since, though I don’t really look anymore.

Yes they are very expensive… however, I managed to find this complete set here in Europe for an okish price heheheh

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I have always been crazy about those! Congratulations!

Greetings my Brazilian friends! :smiley: It’s very cool you guys make your own posters. Okay, true story: I’m from Canada and before 1991 REM were NOT very famous (as you all know) so finding ANYTHING in a store was tough. So while in high school I MADE my own REM T-shirts which was kind of cool. A total DIY project. I wore them proudly.

As for finding posters, I mean, you guys have ebay right? I just buy everything off them.
Um, I’m not in contact with that old REM person who worked for them. I actually recently emailed to say “hi” but got no reply, so either her email doesn’t work or she wants nothing to do with me, lol.

One last thing: for some reason I’ve never been into those Simpsons actions figures, which is weird as I DO collect video game action figures. Heck, I even have a Kurt Cobain one on my desk. I love it! I call him “Little Kurt Coban” lol. Talk later.


That’s an incredible Kurt Cobain right there, man. That’s the kind of thing I’d love to have too!

We probably have ebay at hand, but the prices are obscene when you consider the exchange rate and shipping. That’s why I still don’t own Lifes Rich Pageant (IRS Vintage Years Edition). But I have plans to get it soon.

I do have some R.E.M. designs for t-shirts, but I couldn’t find yet a place that would make me just one piece. There are some places that print t-shirts in bulk for schoolmates and the such. I always walk around in cheap regular t-shirts, like one usually does around here, and I still sport my “New Order - Substance” shirt an American friend sent me a few years ago. It’s a bit faded, don’t care.

I mean, sure, you can find plenty of Nirvana, Ramones, Zep, PFloyd and other extremely cliché stuff like that. I know like five stores for that. But no R.E.M. at all, ever. It’s either following the herd or nothing.


Really? Well, I was also surprised when I saw someone else from Brazil here!

Thanks!! And yeah, I know the struggle.

Yeah, please don’t find my “just use ebay” comment too entitled or arrogant. As a Canadian, I too know all about currency exchange and shipping. I guess it’s not as bad as in Brazil, but whenever I buy anything from ebay I’m well aware that once I convert to US dollars, and add shipping and the dreaded import fees that the price is 1/3 more sometimes or higher.

That Kurt Cobain figure is now rare, lol. I had no idea. I bought it when it first came out as a bit of a novelty but I still really like it. Cobain is a hero of mine. You seem like a fan of 90s alt rock. My wife is a HUGE New Order fan so I told her all about your Substance T-shirt. That was super-coincidental.

Do you like RUSH? To my knowledge they are big in Brazil. I love them. The “thinking person’s” metal group, although I know Geddy Lee’s voice isn’t for everyone, lol. But I love it! :smiley:

Yup, huge fan of alt 80s and 90s here. I actually (re)designed that same Substance t-shirt on my computer after I got it from that friend. If your wife can find a place to make her a single t-shirt, I’ll send it to you. Same design, spaces, fonts, everything, but I never put it to test.

Well, no, I never actually liked Rush except for a couple of tracks. I think it has something to do with Geddy Lee’s voice, yes, but also too much lyrics content in that “I’m telling you a kid’s story” fashion, like, idk, Jethro Tull, and I absolutely hate prog rock, old or current. And do you know when you can’t stand a band because of the people who like them? The Rush crowd is just too ugh here.