Luke Haines/Peter Buck

I loved Beat Poetry for Survivalists. Apparently there are two new albums coming this year! Anyone else into this? Not as R.E.M.ish as Filthy Friends, and Luke Haines is probably an acquired taste, but I’m looking forward to the new stuff and hoping to catch them live, at the third time of asking, in April.


Love this album too. I liked Arthur Buck a lot, but this one feels much stronger to me, really enjoyable. I read somewhere there was talk of a second album this year, indeed, but I can’t tell for sure.


Going to see them in Glasgow in April.

I might be there! Depends if I can get away or not. I live in Lincolnshire now. Work/personal circumstances are difficult. But I’m hoping to go. Love Oran Mor as a venue.

I had tickets for Stowmarket originally but it got cancelled twice. Hasn’t been rescheduled. It’s Glasgow or London. I’d prefer Glasgow!

I’m with you - I enjoy the album (esp the closing track, so melodic) and LH is always an interesting and unique lyricist

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A re-imagining of Beat Poetry for Survivalists, coming out on Record Store Day.


Anyone else going to the London show tonight?

Wish I was. Went to Glasgow last week. I wasn’t disappointed. The new songs sound great. Enjoy!

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