Losing My Religion

On this day in 1991, REM released the single for Losing My Religion.


It’ll never sell.


I remember this! I was home with a toddler, and I had MTV on in the background a lot of the time, but I wasn’t accustomed to seeing an R.E.M. video very often. I loved the iconography in this video. By the time Melissa was 2, she knew all the words (we have an adorable video of her at about two and a half, hearing the song on the radio at a cafe in San Francisco and singing along).

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Live the more electric version from 1995 tour

I sat by the radio ready to record so I could listen to it any time I wanted. I’m not sure how soon the station (WRDU in Raleigh, NC) had the album in hand but I remember freaking out Tom Guild, the host of their lunch time request show (Short Order Lunch) by requesting “Belong” before the album had officially been released. He was curious to know how I knew it, which was from the Greensboro, NC show on the Green World tour and from its inclusion in Tourfilm. Now, I don’t dislike the song but I am burned out on it due to overplay.

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Song Exploder on Netflix completely rejuvenated my love of this track (agreed with DriverNate that overplay has been hard on this one). For some reason I always think about Bill realizing those awesome handclaps were in the mix. He was so childlike and excited, reminded me of how much love these guys put into their tunes.

I got to see them play it live on SNL, was in the audience. Never will forget it. Even met them afterwards, but perhaps a story for another time. Was only 16 :slight_smile: