Looking for R.E.M. 9 July 1983 Larry's Hideaway

So back in 2009 I was constantly checking The Power Of Independent Trucking blog (http://thepowerofindependenttrucking.blogspot.com) and downloading almost everything. When Murmur’s 25th Anniversary edition came out they uploaded a complete flac version of the 9 July 1983 Larry’s Hideaway show, using the bonus disc and the Rising bootleg as sources. I was pretty sure that I downloaded it but I can’t find it anywhere. Do anyone here have a copy of this version? I do have the R.E.M. 2 July 1982 Marietta GA show that they uploaded in that site (The Power of Independent Trucking: R.E.M. 2 July 1982 Marietta GA (2013 analogloyalist master)) if anyone is interested.
And of course I do have the Murmur’s 25th anniversary edition.

I would also love to find archives of ALL Analog Loyalist R.E.M.-related because I can’t find it anywhere. I only managed to find mirrors for Cassette Set and Murmur Rough Mixes & Demos, you can get them on my Soulseek account.

I suggest asking here:

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