Let’s Talk Baseball

When do you think the Lockout will end? Will the season be delayed? God I hope not, I paid for the whole season up front on the MLB app

Gotta get back to watching games live in the middle of the night here and waking Eric up shouting about Hosmer grounding into another double play.

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I know it’s a moot point now but they should have cancelled the whole season. It was ridiculous…
Love the Baseball Project though. (No, not that knowledgeable but I like what I’ve heard)

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Last time I was active on murmurs, my team hit its 100th straight year without a WS championship.

Then, 2016.

The day before game 3 of the Series, the first of three at Wrigley, I told my boss I’m taking the next day and Monday off, because I couldn’t not be in Chicago when there were three WS games at Wrigley Field.

So that Friday AM, I drove from Buffalo to Chicago, watched Game 3 that evening with Eric and his lovely wife Lisa (a Cubs fan herself, Eric married up) at their place in Lincoln Square, and watched games 4 and 5 at various north side bars with my cousins and aunt/uncle. Spent the day Saturday just wandering around Wrigley, it was heaven.

We know what happened Game 7 - though even now, I get the worst feeling when rewatching it and the 8th inning comes up. Best baseball game I have ever seen.

So while I wanted more - let’s be greedy yo! - I got what my Grampa lived his entire life without. A Cubs World Series Championship.

So if the 2022 season is delayed/whatever, meh. Not really. I need baseball. But not - and never will - as much as I needed it before 11/2/2016.

And I also saw, in person, a Major League Baseball game right here in Buffalo last summer, Jays vs. Rangers. Something I never thought I’d see, ever. It was awesome. Vlad Jr. hit two HRs in the beatdown they laid on TX.

The Bison’s park is really nice. I got to throw out a first pitch there while dressed as the St. Bonaventure mascot. That and the time I fell in a stream during a cross country meet are tied for best lifetime sports highlights.


[quote=“drew, post:3, topic:544, full:true”]
We know what happened Game 7 - though even now, I get the worst feeling when rewatching it and the 8th inning comes up. Best baseball game I have ever seen.[/quote]

Last time I was on Murmurs my baseball team was in the midst of a 50+ year streak of not winning a World Series. Then 2016 happened and they currently hold the longest streak :unamused:

As a Cleveland fan, that 8th inning was something (Rajai F’ing Davis!) and then the rain delay hit.

Baseball had a serious perception problem. They cannot market their superstars and the divide between the large and small-market teams is huge.

Drew, it’s nice to see you back. Your “Indie Rock Primer” you wrote back in '99 really influenced my listening habits.

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Do you have video of the pitch?

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None exists. You’ll have to take my word for it - 113 mph with good breaking action. All the GMs decided I was too good and agreed no one could sign me to maintain competitive balance.

Edit: Found pictures. Notice wicked lefty action.


Since this is a topic about baseball, and since I’m european, if you don’t mind I’ll give you a perspective from a regular european point of view on the subject.
Sometimes I like to watch it, but I truly don’t understand the game and must confess I truly don’t understand why it is the national sport of the US.

Sure, I cheer for the Red Sox, I’ve always cheer for the Boston area franchises in MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA and MLS, but sometimes a game is sooo long that I don’t get how you don’t get bored.

As you may know, although there are a few national leagues in Europe and, I think, a Champions league, mainly there is not much information about it.
Here in Portugal, the league is almost secret and I remember watching one game in the field wich decided the national champion and only 50 or 60 people attended it and the press didn’t covered it.

But I guess americans feel pretty much the same about soccer (football for us).

This looms very close to the 90s lockout. Wasn’t that about salary caps?

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They shoulda’ retired your number, you were so good. All that and you performed bare foot. You were a beast at pitching. I also. think you woulda raised the bar on the Batting Average too much.

Padres fan here. We can’t talk about Eric Hosmer, who has been a dead weight on the team since they signed him. Being a fan of that franchise is a depressing existence. Some of the best players in the league but can’t get it together.

That said, it’s hard to even care about MLB right now. Billionaire owners unnecessarily locked out the players the season will almost certainly be postponed because of it. Way too many fans seem to take the owners’ side in the labor fight which makes no sense to me at all. Players who are abusers are being welcomed back into the fold after they do a too-short suspension. And the news yesterday that Trevor Bauer isn’t going to have any charges filed against him was depressing but unsurprising.


I was going to say exactly that. I find baseball very entertaining and love watching the battle between pitcher and batter and find soccer excruciatingly boring! :slight_smile:

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1990, September 10, 11, 12. I bought one ticket per day of the 3 Indians/White Sox games to go by myself with the intent to meet Carlton Fisk HUGE FAN and friends would only slow me down (being an Indians fan from Cleveland, not this time!) I put my White Sox shirt on and sat on the 3rd base side. Now this Cleveland, 88,000 seat stadium where routinely 5000 people show up. You can go wherever you want. it’s a double header so it’s like 3 in the afternoon and no one’s there. It’s early, and the players are warming up. Mr. Fisk is right in front of me so I called out to him and he ran over! I got my autograph but was shaking so bad I could hardly focus my camera! He patiently waited🙂 then off he went! ( By now a few fans were running over) So pick a seat stretched out with my feet up on the WS dugout. Steve Lyons shoves a broken bat to me. It’s Sept. so they just called up some minor leaguers. Well it had a 35 on the knob. Frank Thomas!!! I have a broken FT bat!!! And camera on tripod and probably my purse. Fisk caught both Monday games, the Tuesday game but DHed the Wednesday game. I had the time of my life!!!


Yeah, the Trevor Bauer thing is nauseating. I hope Tatis Jr shows him up again.


I’m still hoping after his inevitably too short suspension that no team will sign him.

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Like I suspected… :slightly_smiling_face:. But I do like and follow the other “American sports” basketball, hockey and football (or American football like we call it).

The thing about football (soccer) in here is hard to explain. Is like a “tribal battle”, it is in our blood.
I can describe it like this:
Once my then future wife told me that she didn’t like me to follow my club (team) the way I did… Supposedly she wanted me to choose between the football club and her. Well, I told her I love her a lot, but the club is my oldest passion. And I do have a strong relation with the club. It was founded in 1904 mostly by orphans, extremely poor. As time passed by it became stronger and stronger, started to practice other sports: athletics, basketball, volleyball, roller hockey (invented in England but kind of a national sport here), handball, rugby, water polo, table tennis, rugby, futsal, swimming, triathlon, almost every sport you can imagine both male and female and won championships in each and every one of it. Started really poor and became by far the most popular in my country and almost a religion in here and with organized supporting groups in countries as far as Australia, Canada, US (several in at least 4 different states, NJ, CA, NY, FL), even though we skip a European title in soccer since 1961.

Enough talk… better than watching a football match of our favourite team in a full stadium with the proper scarf in the neck, jumping and yelling the whole time just a R.E.M. reunion.
It’s much more than a game, it is passion, it’s life, it’s the most important thing of the least important things.
And well, the R.E.M. reunion will never happen, so…

Great thread- huge Giants fan here. My annual Spring Training trip is in jeopardy. No signs of movement.

And Flores did not swing goddammit!

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I haven’t been to a Jays game since 2019. I do play a lot of The Show on PS4. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok Blue Jays!! Great thread. I can only hope the season is on time, we can enjoy 162 and I get to go in late June to see the loathed Red Sox.

I would think the two sides will realize how spoiled they look soon.

Being a baseball fan, gamer and data wonk, I’m surprised at how much that game drove me up the wall. A little too much minutiae for me.